Homage - Homenaje

Homage to the Señorita Clarita, the teacher who taught me to read.
She use to call me Ratoncita (little mouse) because I liked to eat cheese so much.
And also to Isabel and Sole, the ones who taught my children, and to all the teachers in the world.

Homenaje a la Señorita Clarita, la maestra que me enseño a leer.
Ella me solia llamar Ratoncita porque me gustaba muchisimo el queso.
Y también a Isabel y Sole que enseñaron a mis hijos, y a todos los maestros del mundo.

5 comentarios:

ninicoke dijo...

I just pass there.
I think your pictures are very Q
can I copy them?

I am not sure what language you use, but I like your blog!!

Rita dijo...

Thank you Ninicoke. Yes you can copy them as far as you use them only for you. I'm spanish, thats the language I use mostly.
Good lack with your blog.

ninicoke dijo...

I found my blog just now.
because I want to leave the message for you...haha :)

thx your pic.

Hey Harriet dijo...

What a wonderful homage!
That's so adorable :)

Rita dijo...

Thanks Hey Harriet. It's funny to think you live all across the earth in the other side.
Have a good day.