Legendary - Legendario

Since I read Garcilaso de la Vega at school I felt fascinated by the mith of Daphne and Apollo.

Desde que lei en el cole a Garcilaso de laVega, siempre me fascino el mito de Dafne y Apolo.

"A Dafne ya los brazos le crecian 
y en luegos ramos vueltos se mostraban; 
en verdes hojas vi que se tornaban
los cabellos qu'el oro escurecian..."

2 comentarios:

Whitney dijo...

Nicely done! I knew right away who you were depicting here! My copy of Ovid's Metamorphoses depicts a statue of Daphne and Apollo on the cover. Your rendition of this scene is refreshing and modern.

Francisco Martins dijo...

I love Greek Mythology as well, and I have a particular fascination by the Dryads (tree Nymphs). Myths such as Daphne and Apollo, Or the story of Narcissus are gorgeous indeed!

Saludos desde Portugal :)